Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Jab My Ears Didn't Pop

So I went on this little business trip to Delhi... flew there and had a cold. A reasonably bad cold, but nothing to worry about, right??

I was very violently introduced to this thing called air pressure (or the lack of it), which started to make itself apparent at about 4600 mts above sea level. INSIDE MY HEAD.
There was just this balloon of air developing between my ears, and it was painful as hell... The most anokha pain I have experienced ever... EXCRUCIATING, anokha pain.

Let me point out at this juncture that this was an airbus... not the kind of bus you can ask to pull over, stop, or slow down, or anything. I was locked in, committed to 45 minutes of descent-induced pain. (evidently my head is more vulnerable to implosion rather than explosion, given the air pressure in my head was lower than outside and my 'cold situation' was preventing the equalisation of the said pressure).

ergo, Please, take it from me, firsthand.
(and no, earbuds, earmuffs do not help)

*at the time of going to screen, the air pressure in the writer's head, and, consequently the hearing had only been restored to 75%

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RandomGyan said...

I would like to add to that.

A worse time to fly is if you have a cold AND a fever.

I did that once, comign in from bangalore to Mumbai and i thought i was going to die of the pain in my ears, head, nose neck and pretty much all the joints (because of the fever)

Please DO take our advice seriously and NEVER EVER fly if u have a cold/fever/both.

No, not even if you work for a big company that thinks you are productive enough to fly first class in a 1.5 hour flight.