Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Why I Feel Poor...

"You're never poor, just broke..."

Has been the mantra i have been following ever since I read it in a book a couple years ago. Has kept me happy, content, (and perpetually broke, but thats another matter) ever since.

Recent events, however, have had an impact on the believability of this mantra. Its a bit hazy, but lets try.

1) I was happy with my CD player and cell phone. Till I caught a rickshaw this morning, and saw that he had better stuff than i did.
2) I DIDN't lose money in the recent stock market crash. The country lost 7 trillion rupees, not even one of them was mine.
3) I`m 'broke' for >0.25 of the month.
4) People just assume I make more money than I actually do... no questions, no doubts. They're SURE of it.
5) When I correct them, they think I'm lying.
6)I wish there were less weekends in the month (thats right. I said LESS), simply because they are so damn expensive.
7)I have started saying "its not worth it" more often than I'd like to.
8)My laptop sucks so bad, when they play Call Of Duty(tm) on the office network, the server throws me out for being too slow.
9)My wallet has started to hurt my butt, because there are too many coins in it... (i`d prefer more notes)
10)I have a wish list, like everybody else... except that it looks more like a necessity list :(

Monday, January 21, 2008

Tough Day @ the Office??

I don't pretend to know much about these things (everybody else says i SHOULD), but this day the 21st of January saw a bloodbath at the stock exchange.
What i think this would mean, is that a whole lotta people with a whole lotta money put in there, will be undergoing a whole lotta pain.
Its not their pain per se that i'm worried about. Its just that i just happen to know a whole lotta folks who would be at the receiving end of most of that pain-induced-grief. (professionals operating in the financial services space... batchmates, friends all)
I hereby extend my support, shoulder and ear (pretty much everything save for the money) to get them out of their misery...

Lets hope things bounce back.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Wii (in glee??)

I not so recently experienced the Nintendo Wii. (A little slow on the uptake, given that this thing released end of 2006) But in my defense, it does take that long for my friends to buy such a thing and then share it with me :)

Anyhooz, it was singularly the most involving gaming machine to have EVER entered my limited scope of things. I wont elaborate on how the damn thing works, or what makes it so involving.. I'll just let the video do the talking.

I swear to God, I got tired, sweaty and almost passed out (but not before knocking out my worthy opponent in a boxing match) Moms and health care practitioners will love this nifty device!

See how its done, and guess who won the Carl vs Lalla boxing match.


PS: I want me one of those... Buddha from the earlier posts, please take note.