Saturday, August 11, 2007

One Night at the Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Cafe (funny, I always thought I'd need a passport to go to one), till they opened one right here in my city.
Nevertheless, it took me a good six months to actually visit it, and I regretted it (taking that long to go there).

Fell in love with the place the minute I set foot in it. (and loved it more the minute I stepped out, but more on that later)

Don't know what it was, but the ambience, music, crowd and the overall look and feel is sooo different from anything else I have seen - not that I have seen much - but what clinched it was the eternally heady mix of alcohol and old friends.

Thouroughly recommended, and no, they haven't paid me to write this post. (although a few gift vouchers WOULD be welcome)

Hard Rock Cafe... anybody listening??

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