Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Vision Twenty20?

Congratulations to 'Team India' for the biggest comeback in recent times.
One look at the frenzy and fever this last week clearly demonstrates the "back to form" nature of our game. People leaving work early, trains empty, streets empty (although the streets went back to being full minutes after the last ball was bowled, in celebration, ie)

But, its not the game that excites me... nor the 'Return of It'. What gets to me is the way the entire machinery is so kicked about this performance. TV channels are happy that their single biggest cash cow, and their big investments in buying rights and setting up telecast is finally paying off... Advertisers want to recover from their World Cup fiasco... Viewers had all but lost hope of deriving any entertainment from the game whatsoever. Twenty20 may well have been the answer to everybody's prayers (or an elegant solution to everybody's problems... depending on which way you see it)

We win one popularised , "Americanised" version of the game, and everybody involved sees a ray of hope. Cricket is back (regardless of the way, shape or form) Its in their own best interest to hype this up even further. Expect all our 'players' to be suitably and overwhelmingly rewarded. Cars, houses, promotions and hard cash...

Heroes, all of them. Heroes of a nation and an economy starved for entertainment. Heroes of brands and corporations who bet big on the game, lost face and faith and then regained it.

Well played Team India!!!

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