Saturday, September 1, 2007

Bad Week for the 'Talkies'

The week starting 31st August was an extremely unusual one, especially for Cinemas, who's staff are very flummoxed and very slightly ruffled at the sorry turnout at all their properties across the city. The reason being the dismal outcome of a whole load of hoopla.
3 films, 2 of them remakes and one of them a much touted, much hyped one... BOMBED.
Makes you wonder (and doubt)... marketing. Does it really work. Coz I know for a fact (and don't ask me how), that a whole lot of people put in a whole lot of effort - and not just educated guesswork - into promoting each of these films.

Audience expectations need to be managed...but CAN they be? What makes you wanna see the film before you actually have? What does one need to tell you so that you go out and buy that ticket? Is not like a diamond ring that you can see, wear, rub against your tshirt, shine, see and wear again before you decide to buy it...

Answers to these questions will come once I become a marketing GURU...(and will be duly posted here) till then, go catch a flick. But wait for the next weekend.


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