Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Weekend Which Refused to Go Away

2 things happened on this weekend. Both with effects that were felt even at the time of writing this post (~5:00 PM, the following Tuesday)

1) I saw the Batman movie (soon to be referred to as the Joker Movie) twice in two days. Like I told a friend, brilliant, poetic, orgasmic. Still feeling the chills from that one. The dialogues still rattle off my tongue, even ones that are a few sentences long.

2) I ate a soapy lamb sizzler right after the movie. i think it was pure optimism (and a little bit of i-can't-wait-to-eat) that drove us to that under populated restaurant. Well, Robin seems to have put the effects of that little jaunt wonderfully (albeit a little graphically)

Fact remains, choice of restaurant is one place where you NEED to walk ON THE BEATEN TRACK. Do as everybody else does. Else spend the next few days in the (very) private confines of the loo, or in surroundings that threaten to smell like it, if ya get my drift (pun intended)

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